PCI Auctions FAQ

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You’re interested in finding out how to locate commercial kitchen supplies and other restaurant equipment at great prices by participating in PCI Auctions, but you aren’t exactly sure how the auction process works. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to bid on quality restaurant supplies and get a great price with PCI Auction Group.

The process is extremely smooth and simple, and it takes only a few steps to get started. Here is all the information you need regarding how to register to bid, how to bid when you find the equipment you want, and how to obtain your winnings after the auction ends.

How to Register

Registering to bid with PCI Auctions couldn’t be simpler. Start by going to our registration page. Once there, fill our simple form including your email and chosen password, address, billing information and shipping details. Then scroll to the bottom, check the box to approve that you’ve read our terms and
conditions, and click to submit.

Be aware that you will need to provide credit card information with a valid credit card. You don’t have to worry about any unauthorized parties obtaining your information because our bidder registration form is entirely SSL secured, for your confidentiality and safety, with Thawte Online 128bit security. This protects your information fully and ensures it will only be seen by select PCI employees to whom the information must be available in order to process your invoice. If you are not comfortable submitting this information online, you can call your local PCI division office to register.

Find your local PCI Auction Group division phone number here. Once you are registered, you’ll receive a bidder number via email. You can log in with your email or bidder number and password anytime you want to start bidding.


How to Bid

On to the most important question- once you find the restaurant equipment you want, how do you win it? To start bidding on the kitchen supplies you’ve chosen, you have to enter the auction in which they’re being sold. Start by logging into your account with either your email and password or bidder number and password. Once you’re in, take time to reuse the various current auctions available on the site until you find the commercial kitchen supplies or other equipment you are looking for. Please make sure to take note of the location of the auction, as your items may require shipping. PCI Auctions does offer nationwide shipping for any and all items regardless of size or weight. Once you find the right auction, simply click the enter auction button or click the name of the auction to enter the sale.

Once you are in the auction, you can start submitting bids. A bid has two parts- “your bid” and “your maximum.” In the “your bid” field, you will place the amount of your standard bid. You’ll be able to see where the bidding currently stands and how much you have to bid to be the leading bidder. If you’re
willing to pay this amount, put the amount of the next bid required in the “your bid” field and submit it. Don’t forget to check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions of the auction.

Before you submit your bid, you should also place a maximum bid. This field is utilized to help ensure that you don’t lose the item when you would have been willing to bid higher but weren’t on the site when you were outbid. If you place a maximum bid (the amount you’d most be willing to pay for a particular item), the site will automatically raise the bid on your behalf if someone outbids you until you hit your maximum amount. Even if you place a maximum bid, we highly recommend that all bidders watch live as the auction closes, as that’s when the bulk of the bidding takes place.

After the Auction

If you win one or more items in the auction, you will receive an email containing an invoice once the sale has been completed. This email will tell you everything you need to know in regard to obtaining your item or items. It will tell you what you’ve won and what amount you agreed to pay, and will also list where and when you need to go pick up your merchandise. If you have tax-exempt status, you must email a copy of the state tax exemption form to BEFORE the closing of the first item in the auction. This email must also contain your bidder number and full name on the account.

PCI Auction Group

We’re more than happy to provide you with the opportunity to find commercial kitchen equipment and other restaurant supplies for your business. If you have any further questions in regard to how the bidding process works or anything else related to our auctions, please feel free to call us today at the number of your local PCI Auction Group division.


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