Breaking Up by Selling Your Restaurant Equipment

Nothing beats the warmth and intimacy of a well-run restaurant. Whether it's the dark booth in the neighborhood diner you remember piling into with your family every Sunday night or the bar that's always showing the football game you want to watch, finding a place that feels as comfortable as your own kitchen is magical.

But not all restaurants are destined to become fixtures in your memory. Unfortunately, many are foreclosed on or repossessed in less time than it takes to get a reservation. When the last customer has paid his check and the "Closed for Business" sign gets hung in the window, what happens to all the equipment and materials left behind?

The task of liquidating a restaurant's assets can seem overwhelming, especially for former owners or banking institutions, but working with an online auction facilitator can make the process go much more quickly and efficiently.

Get Your Money Back

A tremendous investment of both time and money goes into the building and installation of a restaurant. From the light fixtures on the wall to the cocktail tables in the corner to each silver salad fork — every element is meticulously thought through and purchased specifically to enhance the overall feel of the place.

Once it's time to sell all that equipment, it can be tempting to relinquish everything in bulk for the best price you can find — whether to another individual buyer or a used parts dealer. But, what you might save in time and effort, you'll lose in dollars.

Working with an online auction group solves both problems. Auction companies handle the entire process from beginning to end with no up-front investments. From appraisal to cataloging and photography of items to advertising and online auction moderating, auction companies are typically one-stop shops.

Items are offered online individually or grouped to maximize potential purchases. The auction process creates a competitive atmosphere to promote higher bids and results in more money in your pocket.

Got Buyers?

Any auction company worth their salt shakers has as many as 20 current online auctions — sometimes even more. For each of those sales, there can be hundreds of items up for bid, with tens of thousands of bidders sifting through, comparing prices and options.

In order to bid, users must be registered, qualified, and interested. Successful auction sites are trusted environments that qualify both sellers and buyers. Knowing that bidders are bound by terms and conditions that guarantee payment once a bid is won creates invaluable peace of mind for sellers.

Auctions are Fun!

Ever watch a movie with an auction scene? A group of ridiculously rich and slightly bored-looking socialites sit on comfy chairs, holding numbered flags, while the auctioneer blazes through his high-speed, repetitive chant of dollar bids.

Maybe that's not the way most auctions take place, but the process of an auction is an interactive and interesting way to buy and sell goods. There's a competitive spirit and a feeling of accomplishment when one "wins" a bid. For buyers, there's a motivation to get a great deal, a primal, proprietary instinct that keeps them bidding; for sellers, these things enhance the potential to recoup more of their losses.

Auctions provide a tested but unique strategy to part with your used restaurant equipment. That French fast food place may not have lasted, but someone else could sure use all the cheese plates left behind.

PCI Auction Group makes selling restaurant and other industrial equipment safe and easy. We are the largest online auction site in the United States that specializes in restaurant equipment. With warehouses throughout the country, we're able to market your assets to a wide audience through our easy-to-use, exciting and interactive environment. Learn more at PCI Auction Group or call (888) 883-1388 for a free appraisal.


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