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Following April closing, Max's Eatery will auction equipment, décor

Fans of the Lancaster eatery will have a chance to take a piece of the restaurant home with them forever. Click here to read the full story from FOX 43!...
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Fuddrucker’s Restaurant Public Auction

The full suite of Fuddrucker's commercial restaurant equipment, furniture, and signature vintage memorabilia and signage are for sale to the public through...
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Restaurant Closures Due to Covid-19

So many businesses and restaurants have been struggling to keep afloat during this pandemic. The number of business closures and company bankruptcies are at an...
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Breaking Up by Selling Your Restaurant Equipment

Nothing beats the warmth and intimacy of a well-run restaurant. Whether it's the dark booth in the neighborhood diner you remember piling into with your...
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Get Rid of Restaurant Equipment Without Wasting Time or Money with Restaurant Equipment Auctions

Restaurant equipment auctions are a great choice for restaurants with equipment and tools they no longer need. Whether you’re going out of business,...
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Repo Realities: Inside the World of Commercial Repossession

Repo Realities: Inside the World of Commercial Repossession Repo. When people hear about “repossession,” they usually think of cars and tow...
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Restaurant Equipment: Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight

As a restaurant owner, your daily challenge is to stay appealing. From your soup of the day to your early bird special and your customized private event menu...

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