click lease


  • Instant Financing from $500 - $15,000
  • Good to Poor credits (Down to 500 FICOs) accepted.
  • No prior business credit required. Start-Ups welcome
  • No cost to apply and only a “Soft Pull” on your credit. No inquiry or new debt to impact your score
  • Financing terms range from 24 – 60 months in length with the final payments and length of term subject to your credit profile


The Process:

  1. Select your participating PCI location from the list below to apply. If you plan on using multiple auctions, choose the first location to apply and the balance of approved funds can be moved/utilized at other locations.
  2. You will receive a credit decision within seconds to the email address provided.
  3. Approved funds must be used within 30 days, multiple schedules are allowed but subject to the total amount approved and never to exceed $15,000.   After that period, no additional exposure will be allowed for 90-180 days depending on credit profile.
  4. After winning a bid, you must inform the PCI location that you plan on using your Clicklease approval for funding.
  5. If you plan to use the approved amount over multiple schedules or multiple PCI Auction locations you will simply email requesting a new application # along with the PCI Location you plan on purchasing from.  A separate documentation fee of $99 for transactions up to $4,999 and $199 for transactions $5,000 and over will apply to each schedule with a maximum of $399 total for all transactions.  


List of PCI Auction Group locations participating in the Clicklease financing program;

Manheim, PA

Ewing, NJ

Whites Creek, TN

North Las Vegas, NV

Sebring, FL

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