Saving Big on Premium Equipment: Restaurant Equipment Auctions for New or Upgrading Pizza Shops

Starting a new pizza shop can be exhilarating, but it's also a financial challenge. From securing a location to hiring staff and marketing your business, expenses can quickly accumulate. However, there's an often-overlooked avenue for significant savings without compromising quality: restaurant equipment auctions. More than just cost savings, there are numerous advantages to choosing used or scratch & dent restaurant equipment at auction for equipping or updating pizza shops.

1) Cost Savings

One of the most compelling reasons to consider restaurant equipment auctions is the substantial cost savings they offer. New equipment can be prohibitively expensive, and for a new or growing pizza shop, every penny counts. Auctions frequently feature a wide array of equipment, including premium brands like Hobart dough mixers, Blodgett and Bakers Pride deck ovens, and Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens, at prices considerably lower than their brand-new counterparts. These savings can make a substantial difference in your initial investment and overall budget.

2) High-Quality Equipment

Although the equipment at auctions may be previously owned or exhibit minor cosmetic imperfections (scratch & dent), it doesn't imply subpar quality. Many restaurants and businesses upgrade their equipment regularly to stay competitive or comply with evolving regulations. Consequently, you can discover high-quality, well-maintained equipment from trusted brands at auctions that remain in excellent working condition. In some instances, you may even encounter commercial-grade equipment that has seen minimal use. The variety of equipment that can be found for sale at online restaurant auctions is also pretty amazing. Different types of items that are frequently up for sale include:

  • Conveyor Ovens: The heart of any pizza shop, a reliable conveyor oven ensures consistent and efficient baking of pizzas. At restaurant equipment auctions, you can often find conveyor ovens from reputable brands, including Lincoln Impinger, Middleby Marshall and Turbochef, in excellent condition, allowing you to achieve perfect pizza crusts without breaking the bank.
  • Pizza Deck Ovens: Known for providing even heat distribution, deck ovens provide even cooking and great texture in your crust. This style of oven can also accommodate a large number of pizzas cooking simultaneously without requiring a lot of floor space, while also allowing for more varied cooking times than conveyor style ovens. Auction sites frequently have deck style ovens available for purchase.
  • Pizza Convection Ovens: Convection ovens offer the benefit of shorter cooking times thanks to the circulating hot air they provide around the food while it cooks. This style of oven can also be more energy efficient, making it a smart and economical choice over the long term, especially when you can buy a used or scratch and dent model at an online restaurant equipment auction, and spend just pennies on the dollar compared to buying new.
  • Commercial Mixers: From kneading pizza dough to mixing ingredients for various dishes, commercial mixers are essential tools in a pizza kitchen. Auctions often feature these mixers, including premium Hobart mixers, Globe, Avantco, Estella and more in both planetary and spiral styles, at prices significantly lower than buying them new.
  • Commercial Refrigeration: Proper refrigeration is vital for storing ingredients and maintaining food safety standards. Premium brands like Avantco refrigerators and freezers are commonly available at auctions, providing an opportunity to acquire reliable cooling equipment without the high costs associated with new units.
  • Prep Tables: Another key piece of equipment for any pizza shop, prep tables that allow you to safely and efficiently store and access ingredients. Online restaurant auctions are an excellent source for these vital tools.

3) Expedited Start-Up

The launch of a new pizza shop can be a time-consuming endeavor. Between obtaining permits, securing a location, and crafting a menu, waiting for new equipment to be delivered may not be a viable option. Auctions offer a quicker solution. Once you've successfully bid on and acquired the equipment you need, you can arrange for rapid pick-up or delivery. This expedites your shop's opening and facilitates earlier revenue generation.

4) Eco-Friendly Approach

Purchasing used or scratch & dent restaurant equipment isn't just budget-friendly; it's also environmentally responsible. Reusing equipment reduces the demand for new manufacturing, which can deplete resources and contribute to environmental degradation. By opting for second-hand equipment at restaurant equipment auctions, you're actively reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainable practices.

5) Flexible Pricing

Buying at auction means you decide how much you want to spend. This means you may have the opportunity to secure your desired equipment, including premium brands, at a price point you are comfortable with. The prices of equipment will vary based on many factors, including equipment condition, included features, and the auction competition. So know what you are willing to pay and bid accordingly. Many auctions will have multiple listings of the same or similar items, so if you don’t win on the first one, stick around and see if the next one comes in at a price you are comfortable with. 

Shop PCI Auction Group for Your Pizza Shop Equipment Needs

Restaurant equipment auctions offer the best options for anyone opening or upgrading their pizza shop. And PCI Auction Group offers the best restaurant equipment auctions available online. With new auctions going live weekly, you can be confident that the equipment you need is only a click away. Pizza shop owners can unlock substantial savings and acquire high-quality equipment from premium brands by simply registering and bidding online.  Whether you're in need of conveyor ovens, Hobart mixers, Bakers Pride and Blodgett ovens, True and Beverage Air refrigerators, or other premium equipment, these auctions can be your gateway to quality without the hefty price tag.

Check out our listings and descriptions to get all the details you need to select the right equipment for your pizza shop.


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