Benefits of Selling Through Online Auction Sites

Are you or do you know of someone closing a business and looking for a fast and easy way to get rid of unwanted equipment and assets? Choosing to sell your items through an online auction is the easiest & most profitable method. Better yet, leave it to the auction experts at PCI Auction Group. We take care of the entire auction process, from start to finish. All you do is cash your check! 


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Quick & Easy Process

There are many ways of getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary items, but an online auction is one of the simplest. Typically, once you choose an online auction company to work with, the majority of your work is done. The right auction company will handle it from there.


One of the best parts of working with PCI Auction Group is how easy we make it for our sellers. Our selling process consists of just 4 easy steps:



We make it easy for you. After contacting us, you can request for a free appraisal, then the rest is in our hands. Whether you want to have an on site auction or we need to remove every item, we will take care of cleaning, lotting, staging & photographing your merchandise to provide optimal visual appeal and increase sales.


Limited Liability

When you work with an auction company, you’re handing over all of the responsibilities over to that company. From that point on, all of the work and obligation falls onto the company. You won’t have to handle any of the technical work like payments and shipping.


Choosing to sell with an auction company is a great way to turn over the responsibilities to a team of professionals. When you sell with PCI, all payment processes, item pick up and shipping details are handled by us. All you do is cash your check! Being relieved of these duties is often worth the cost of the auction itself because of the amount of time and energy it saves.


Large Customer Base

By listing your items online, you are reaching thousands of viewers and potential buyers that would be impossible to reach. Auctions have the potential to attract a high amount of interest, but without an online auction company, the amount of people who hear about the auction is significantly lower.


When you choose to sell your equipment with PCI, you’re making the smart decision to put your listing in front of tens of thousands of our bidders’ eager to buy your items. Our experienced marketing team, customizes all of our advertisements to ensure your auction is in front of the right people!


Quick Return with Unlimited Profit Potential

Online auctions offer a quick and efficient sales process. This is extremely beneficial to sellers who are in a time sensitive situation, like a business closure, bankruptcy or eviction. 


An auction is the only way to sell your assets for a price over retail. There is no limit as to how much money you can make from selling your assets with an online equipment auction company. Sellers are often surprised when their items sell at a much higher price than anticipated, but this is the unexpected reality of selling with an auction company online.  


Guarantee of Sale

Selling your items through an auction is the best way to prevent your items being cherry-picked by dealers. You won’t have to worry about inventory being left over once the auction finalizes, and you won’t need to get creative with ways to get rid of remaining pieces. Instead, you can rest assured that once every item has been sold, you will receive money for your items in full and won't have to make an extra trip to the dump with your unsold items.


Our bidders are ready and eager to buy your items through PCI Auction Group. Learn more about what it means to partner with the best resource for business surplus auctions in the nation. Contact us today to get your free appraisal and learn just how much better auctions can be when you sell with PCI. 


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