MoviE-town Auction Closes and Shuts the Door on Movie Theaters in Elizabethtown.

While we are sad to see the theater go, MoviE-town’s online equipment auction was a great success. Everything was sold, from projectors and sound...

Upcoming MoviE-town Auction Attracts Significant Press Attention

The opportunity to buy professional theater equipment through an online auction doesn’t come along every day. So when it does, the news media takes...

Late Developer Welkowitz’s Estate Auction

PCI Auction Group’s expertise extends beyond standard restaurant and commercial equipment auctions. We love opportunities to handle truly unique items,...

Charleston Restaurant Closures a Mixed Bag for Equipment Brokers

While the global COVID-19 pandemic is creating challenges for everyone, the restaurant industry is among the hardest hit sectors of the economy. Limitations on...

Get to Know PCI Auctions East Coast

It’s been a crazy five years as we have seen huge growth and lots of successes along the way. Learn a bit more about our organization, how we operate and...

Charleston, SC Arts Institute Auction

At PCI Auctions, we do more than just restaurant equipment auctions. When the Art Institute of Charleston closed, we worked with them to sell their equipment...

Buy a Piece of History at Stiegel Elementary Auction

When the Manheim Central School District decided it was time to close the doors to the 105-year-old Stiegel Elementary School and build a more modern facility,...

Haydn Zug’s Auction

Press coverage of the auction of Haydn Zug’s equipment and furnishings helped increase the visibility of PCI Auction Group and spread the word on what we...

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