How to Avoid Disaster on an Auction Removal Day

Congratulations, you won your auctions! If you can work out an arrangement for shipping the items you’ve won, that’s a wonderful thing. However, you may want to pick up your items instead. If that’s the case, you need to prepare for auction removal day so everything goes smoothly.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on auction removal day. Auction removal day prep doesn’t take long and can help ensure you get your items to your facility safely and securely. Here are some useful auction removal day tips for picking up your winnings.

1. Know Your Auction's Removal Details

Be sure you know when and where you need to go to pick up your items and who the point of contact person is. If you win items at an auction with PCI Auction Group, you will automatically get an email directing you to the section of your account where all pickup details are located. If you cannot find the item or are confused about any of the information, call the appropriate division for clarification. You don’t want to show up on the wrong day, at the wrong time or wrong location, as this could greatly complicate your ability to retrieve your items promptly.

2. Bring Help if Your Winnings are Heavy

When you win items in an auction, all the auction site is required to do is provide the item as advertised along with a pickup location. They should not be expected to provide any tools that might be required to remove the item, such as hand trucks to move it or staff to help load it. If you think you may need any of these things to get the item into your vehicle, be sure to either bring them with you or call to see if they’ll be available on pickup day. Most PCI divisions do provide help and forklift use, but you’ll still need to contact the appropriate division to be sure. PCI also sometimes facilitates on-site auctions, which are auctions where the pickup day occurs at the actual establishment where items are being sold. There are usually no forklifts available under these circumstances and the buyer is solely responsible for removal of all of their winnings.

3. Make Sure You’ve Paid for Your Winnings

When you win an auction item or items, be sure to either pay for the items as soon as possible the following day or call the appropriate division to let them know you’ll be paying in cash. PCI Auctions does not accept online payment or checks- it’s a cash or credit / debit card system. When you win items with us, your invoice will be generated right away. The last thing you want when you arrive for pickup is confusion over whether or not you’ve paid or if you’ve paid the proper amount. In order to pay with a credit card for items that need shipped, call or email the correct point of contact to authorize payment. If you’re picking up your merchandise, you have the option of using a card to pay by phone prior to your arrival or paying when you’ve arrived at the proper location. You can also pay cash when you arrive, but it does still behoove you as a buyer to call and let the point of contact know how you’re planning to pay.

4. Know What You’re Picking Up

Read the description of your auction item(s) carefully. When you win at one of our auctions, the item you pick up will be exactly the item that was described when you bid on it. Read that description carefully so you’ll recognize your item(s) when you arrive at pickup.  Make sure to bring the appropriate vehicle if you have purchased large or bulky items, as they will need to be removed in full on pickup day or they’re subject to a storage fee if picked up after the removal date.

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Using these removal tips should be helpful to you in completing your auction transaction easily, so that you can enjoy the items you have won and put them to work for you as soon possible. PCI Auction Group makes it easy for you to get the items you need at a mere fraction of their retail value and is a great way to expand the power of our business budget. Find great equipment items for auction every day by registering with PCI Auction Group today!


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