Restaurant Furniture Auctions Provide Outstanding Value

Buying used restaurant furniture at auction can give your business great merchandise at a low cost. New restaurant furniture, including tables and chairs, can be very costly to buy or lease and currently can be very slow to receive due to production disruptions and delays. Alternatively, buying low-cost furniture from a big-box store can leave you with shoddy merchandise never intended for the volume of use you can expect in a restaurant environment.


Restaurant Furniture Vs. Regular Furniture

While they may superficially look the same, tables and chairs intended for commercial spaces like restaurants are different from the items sold for use in homes. Whether considering tables, chairs or barstools, and no matter the material they are made from, those made for restaurants are built to higher standards.

For example, the woods that are chosen for home furnishings tend to be softer. When these softer woods are placed in commercial spaces, they quickly show wear and tear in the form of dents, dings and scratches. More concerning, the finishes used on such pieces are also less durable and can begin to flake or rub off thanks to the chemical cleaners and sanitizers used in the restaurant industry to ensure patron safety. Commercial wood furniture is usually finished with a hard Polyurethane, and better quality pieces receive many coats as protection.

Similarly, the powder coating process used on metal furnishings results in a thick, dense finish engineered to take impacts and cleaners that aren’t expected in a residential space. Upholstered furnishings for commercial spaces employ denser foams to last longer and often must pass specific safety standards that aren’t applicable to residential furniture.

In addition to using better materials in restaurant furniture construction, the designs are generally more robust. For example, while a standard residential wooden chair or barstool is designed with a weight capacity of around 250 lbs., those for commercial use have higher limits of 350 lbs. This is accomplished by using more reinforcements and different joinery techniques. The result is stronger furniture that lasts longer, even with constant use.

All of these reasons help to highlight why you should select restaurant quality furniture instead of standard residential items. However, this quality comes at a premium when looking at new merchandise, and can cost up to ten times the price of standard.


Auction Benefits for Buying Restaurant Furniture

Buying used restaurant tables and chairs at auction saves you money and ensures that you get your merchandise quickly. Buying from a specialized online restaurant auction site like PCI Auction Group is a great way to ensure that the furniture you buy was designed to take the constant activity of a commercial restaurant environment and will stand up to heavy daily use.

With new restaurant equipment auctions every week, PCI Auction Group provides you with a wide variety of styles and quantities to choose from. Whether you are looking for two dozen modern, minimalistic, metal chairs for your deli or a four traditional, rustic, wooden barstool for your café counter, we have options for you. Learn more about the Benefits of Buying From Online Auctions, or browse our Active Auctions to see what is available today.  

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