Kegerator Options for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Cold beer on-tap can help take your venue or events to the next level. Kegerators can help ensure that your draft beer is kept fresh and at the optimum temperature. Fortunately, kegerators are available in a large variety of sizes and styles so you can find the right choice for your home or business.

Kegerators are available in both indoor and outdoor versions. Outdoor kegerators are designed to be able to work in a wider range of temperatures than indoor models, generally from 45-100 degrees. This operating range makes them great not only for outdoor venues or catered events, but they are also a good choice for garages or basements that may experience wide temperature fluctuations. Many also come with casters as an option to help make them more portable.

Indoor kegerators are available in a variety in both single keg and multiple keg units. Indoor units can be either portable, with casters installed to make moving them simple, or they can be more permanently installed as under-counter units. Multiple keg units are sized to support between 2-5 kegs and allow for serving multiple kinds of beer from different towers. Multi-purpose units are also available that provide for refrigerated storage of bottles and cans or other bar supplies in addition to having the correct space and fittings to hold kegs and serve draft beer.

High-quality kegerators from recognized brands can provide years of reliable service. Recommended brands include Avantco, Beverage Air, Everest, Micro Matic, Perlick, Randell, True.

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