After The Auction Ends

Shortly after bidding on the last item in the auction has been completed you will get an automatically generated email from our server saying that you have a new invoice available in the My Invoices section of your account. If you don't get this email, continue to check the My Invoices section of your account for your latest invoice. This invoice will give you details on the items you have purchased along with important information regarding the pickup time and location. If you have any questions you can call the PCI Auction Group division that held that particular auction.

Accepted payment forms are shown in the auction terms.

If you are tax exempt, you must email a copy of your state's tax exemption form to prior to the closing of the first item in the auction. You must include your bidder number in that email. Forms without this information will not be accepted. If your form is received after the auction has already ended it will apply to future purchases but not the current auction. You will have to apply to the state for a refund. If you have any questions call 1-888-883-1388.

If you need to set up shipping or storage please make sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you. If an auction is based in our warehouse we will have employees who will be able to assist you in the loading of your items. If an auction is based on-site you will be responsible for any dismantling and hauling away of purchases; so make sure to bring your own help and your own tools. There may be additional fees for dismantling and transporting the items sold on site to our warehouse.

After the scheduled pickup day, items will be considered abandoned and you will be charged a removal fee to dispose of your items if we haven't heard from you on pickup day.

If at any time you have any questions you can send us an email on our Contact Us page or you can call us toll free at 1-888-883-1388.


Shipping FAQS 

1. Can I get a quote for shipping?

We are unable to get shipping quotes until we have the accurate weight and dimensions of either your pallet or box.  Merchandise is shipped either one of two ways:
Merchandise under 150 lbs and within certain dimensions is boxed and shipped fedex ground.
Merchandise over 150 lbs or larger than the dimensions that FedEx accepts need to be palletized and prepared for freight shipping.
Once we have your merchandise packaged and prepped for shipment at that time we are able to get the shipping prices from the appropriate party.  Although we ship for many of our customers we are unable to provide quotes because there are many variables that play into either method of shipping and we leave this to those who specialize in this. However, you are welcome to look into getting your own shipping quote prior to the auction ending by using the dimensions of the items which we provide in the listing and with the weight of the items which is available through manufacturer spec sheets that are available online.

2. Am I able to pick-up my merchandise outside of the designated pick-up day?

Yes, merchandise is able to be removed from the facility outside of the designated pick-up days. However due to the limited amount of space our facilities have merchandise that remains at the facility past the designated pick-up day is assessed a nominal daily storage fee based upon the amount of space the merchandise takes up.  If you would like more information regarding storage fees please contact the division in which the merchandise is being auctioned off from to get more information.

3. Am I charged storage while I am waiting for my shipping quote?

No, we do not charge storage once you have contacted us and arranged for shipment of your items.  We will contact you once we have the shipping quotes for your items, if you would like to know the charge for your FedEx fees please ask the office manager to note the request on your invoice so our shipping department can contact you with your shipping fee.  Once you get your shipping fee please let our office manage know how you would like to proceed with the shipment in a timely manner to avoid storage fees while we wait to hear how you would like to proceed with the shipment.

4. How long does the shipping process take?

Typically our shipping process takes anywhere from a day to a week and a half from when the auction ends.  It all is contingent upon the amount of customers that elect to have their items shipped.  To help expedite this process please contact our office the day after the auction ends either through email, phone, or texting and we would be happy to assist you.  If we don't answer right away please be patient, we will be in touch as soon as possible.
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